Frequently Asked Questions

What is the arrival (check-in) and departure (check-out) time?

Your arrival at Krystallon is possible after 16:00 while your departure is expected to be done by 11:00. So we have the time to take care of the cleanliness and prepare the space properly to welcome you!

However, feel free to contact us so that we can offer you the best possible service.

Μy arrival in Crete is at Chania. What about my transportation at Krystallon?

We recommend using an autonomous vehicle (your own or rented). It will be useful not only for your transportation to Paleochora but also for your moving arround there (e.g. to the beaches) and also for the excursions we recommend.
The exact location of Krystallon is listed on Google Maps and OpenStreetMap.
Alternatively, you can travel from Chania by intercity bus. If you need a vehicle later, you can also rent one in Paleochora.
The Chania – Paleochora route takes about 1 ½ hours.

How will I be able to enter the accommodation upon my arrival?

Let us know your arrival time so we can be there to welcome you! In the rare case that this is not possible, we will have taken care to leave keys in a suitable place (key-box).

Do I have to pay some extra charges?

No, we wish that you know in advance the cost of the services we offer you.

Is there a minimum stay?

Yes, for the period from May 1st to September 30th, the minimum stay is 5 nights, or contact us for availability.

Can I change my reservation?

Yes, provided that there is availability for the time period you wish. However, we would like you to inform us in time of any changes to your original programming. So we will be able to organize better our timetable and also offer you a better service.

What applies in case of cancellation of the reservation?

Free cancellation policy applies up to 30 days before the stated check in date (full refund, bank's fees not included)
Partial refund (50%) applies for cancellation for up to 7 days before check in date (bank's fees not included)
No refund for cancellation thereafter.
The cancellation of the reservation can be made after contacting us by phone (What'sUp), through the contact form on our website or by e-mail.

Cancellation is considered complete when you receive a reply e-mail from us.

Are the two villas completely autonomous?

The two villas are located in the same building complex and as a result, they are in the immediate vicinity. However, the surrounding area corresponding to each villa, the entrance and the pool are completely  autonomous.

We are big company. Is it possible to rent the two villas in total, in one single booking?

Absolutely. In this case there is also a discount on the price while there is a possibility of merging the individual courtyards of the two houses.

Is it possible to have my small pet with me?

As the villas may host different groups of visitors at the same time, for reasons of possible nuisance and hygiene our policy is not to allow pets.

What about the Common Quiet hours and in general, about the nuisance that may be created in the space?

The Common Quiet Hours are from 15.00 to 17.30 and from 23.00 to 08.00.
Especially during the midday hours during the summer season, it is very possible that you enjoy our air-conditioned space, for some ...Mediterranean Siesta!
Generally, our policy is to avoid parties and noisy activities that can be annoying for our visitors.

Are there security cameras covering the building?

During the operating period of the accommodations, the interior spaces are not covered by cameras.
Also, during your stay the external security cameras that cover the courtyard areas are deactivated.

Is any wi-fi available at the property?

Wi-fi is available, it is free and covers the whole building.

What applies if I cause a damage to the property?

We believe that the villas is such a place that you will care about. However, if something happens let us know, so that we can take care of the restoration of the problem.

Are they some special offers?

Leave us your e-mail so that we can inform you about the “escape” suggestions during the year, the special prices per periods, reduced prices for your long stay reservations or the  priority you can have in periods of increased demand.

No answer to your question?

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